Ya Book Review : Being miss nobody 

Hi everyone, Ellie here

Today im going to share my opinion on the Young adult book Being Miss nobody by Tamsin Winter!

I thought this book was a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

The story of Rosiland i think is relatable to many people with anxiety and not being able to speak or struggling too . And also the use of technology of creating awareness and Anti bullying is very current to the 21st century. I also liked the way in which it showed the breakdown in friendship of some of the other girls in the book and i could correlate with it alot. How friends are nice to you then start too be mean.

Also like the modern era some teenagers will take a positive awareness post and then create bad things from it. And with this happening in the book i think it brought out all the characters that are in a school. And how people can change there behaviours! Also the teachers personalaties are shown quite vividly too and you get the various opinions of them which is obviously the same in a school.

Personally for me the bit i liked most is the fact that Rosiland found comfort in the library. I also found this when i was being bullied . It was my safe place just like its for her too. I enjoyed and could feel the emotions she felt when in there with her friends and the librarian as its similar for me .

Also the Improvement throughout the book with her ability to speak and express how she was feeling was very well written. And it showed that when you get the right person who you click with things start to get better. She became more confident and pushed herself with the help of her doctor.

The bond between Rosiland and her brother was very sweet and Cool to read. It was very evident that they had a close bond throughout and he was the reason she was becoming better. And towards the middle/end of the book with the sad twist it is empowering how Rosiland turnt the negatives into a positive!

I am now reading the book Juniper Lemons Hapinness Index and i look forward to telling you how i felt about this too.

See you all again soon!


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