Ya Book Review :Big Bones

Big Bones by Laura Dockrill ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


Firstly, the focus of this book is set out AMAZING. i loved the fact each chapter highlighted a food as this is the key theme in the book ( her love and struggle for her weight and eating habits).

The voice of BlueBell (BB) is very easy to read and has great flow as if it’s a conversation. Instead of being just a food diary the reader gets a great feel for her life ,friends ,family and most of all her sense of humour and self.

It is 100% empowering girls to be happy however they look. the use of ‘fat’  isn’t  being used in a derogatory manner it is used by BB her self and her opinions about it are motivational and positive .

Personally i feel this book is very realistic to a teenagers life in the 21st century. Showing the hardship of getting a job , relationships , identity , and making big decisions about the future.

The portrayal of the mum and daughter bond is very well written. As often in these roles mediation is involved so both parts are happy.

Following on the relationship between BB and her sister Dove is lovely and true to life. The bickering shown is as if you can imagine it happening in your own life. Also, the diversity between both sisters in hobbies and way of living life is brilliant but doesn’t affect the closeness and love between the sisters which is evident throughout. Especially when dove has the accident.

Cam and BB have been best friends since a young age and this is made evident throughout the whole novel. Cam speaks her mind and tells BB when she’s wrong. Also their bond is shown through hilarious dialogue and hanging out time , but the closeness is especially shown when they have a small argument but move on and are back to normal very quickly. That is what best friends are like in real life too.

I commend the fact that BB and Max’s growing relationship is more in the background instead of being a key part of the book Because it doesn’t take away from the message of Loving yourself for who and what you are that is the most important thing and to only do things when your happy and comfortable to do so.

Thanks for reading!!!

p.s See you soon with another fabulous early review of SKYLARKS!!!!!!


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