Ya Book Review : Skylarks

Skylarks by Karen Gregory is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

The main thing i love in this book is the LGBT relationship  Annabel and Joni have together. Its very cute to read and their dialogue is funnily portrayed through the  awkwardness between characters . The ups and downs effect you as a reader as you almost feel like one of their friends especially as Jonis voice is very impactful throughout the tough times and happy times.

Secondly, The settings are very realistic and  described well so you feel as if you’re there and can envision what both households are like ,what the library is like ect. The fact the library holds such importance for both girls is great to read as obviously I love a library (lol). As well as the mention of WordPress.

I like the fact it shows the importance and non importance of money. Which Karen has made non-stereotypical . The rich girl isn’t happy and feels alone where as the family struggling for money  appear as a unit and try getting by and are happy as long as the other members are too.

As well as this the different family relationships are shown with great personality.

I feel this book shows that less privileged people should not be made to feel ashamed ect, and is persistently shown throughout the book .

The Epilogue at the end i love as it leaves the reader anticipating what eventually happens between the two girls. I also like the reoccurrence of Kellys gig and Pete singing true colours.It almost feels like a journey and you see which things have changed but whats the same too.  It also includes a lot of powerful and inspiring life advice and ‘quotish’ sentences which will help and motivate young adults.

The layout of being in 3 parts is done extremely well. Although the story didn’t have any breaks each section had a main overtone. In my opinion the 1st was Hopeful with a lot of self doubt and flirting and 2nd was the peak of the book where both girls were in love and both relaxing together, And in 3rd It all came crashing down in relation to life ,home and friendships/romance.

This Book is a fabulous coming of age and young adult romance that deals with some hard and important topics in a commendable manner so its not intense to read.

I am delighted to have read this book ready for YALC  before its even released.

So Shout out with a massive thank you to the publishers and NETGALLEY for this !!! Cant wait to do more too.

See you again soon with another book review!!!!

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Thanks for reading




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