20 reading questions

HI guys,

something different today! Im going to answer 20 reading questions. Id love to see in the comments some of your answers too.😁😁

1 Favourite Genre?  YA romance with some sort of illness/problems

2 Current book you’re reading? Stargazing for beginners and My box shaped heart.

3 First book you remember loving? Stig of the dump and Famous Five

4 Book you wish to be a film? A quiet kind of thunder by Sara Barnard

5 Favourite protagonist? Augustus in WONDER

6 Favourite antagonist? Martin in Simon vs the homosapiens agenda

7 Do you write stories? Nope

8 A movie better/ as good as the book? WONDER (amazing)

9 Best book from this year? Goodbye perfect by Sara Barnard

10 One of you’re favourite authors? Sarah Crossan

11 Least favourite genre to read? Thriller/Fantasy/Action

12 Book you’d recommend to friends? ONE by Sarah Crossan

13 Favourite film adaptation of a book? WONDER (again)

14 Book read the most times? Life on the Refrigerator Door by Alice Kuipers

15 A book you didn’t expect to like? MoonRise by Sarah Crossan

16 Favourite classic book? The railway children

17 Book thats impacted you the most recently? Skylarks by Karen Gregory (last review on here )

18 If you could meet one author living or dead who is it? Sarah Crossan as am meeting some others at yalc who could of been here.

19 Author you think more people should know about? Estelle Laure 

20 Favourite book/series of all time? Life on the refrigerator door


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