YALC / update

hi guys,

Im currently doing my gcses so have been busy revising ect. Therefore my reading progress is slower too.

However I am reading Clean by Juno Dawson so thats my next review coming up.

On another note the full list for YALC authors is now released!!!!(YAY)

The signings i want to go if possible to are:

SAT: Laura Dockrill , Karen Gregory and Simon James Green

SUN: Eve Ainsworth , Lisa Williamson , Juno Dawson , Jenny McLachlan , Kelly McCaughrain and Steven Camden

Due to not wanting to take too many books i shrank my tbr for YALC so i could take some that i have already read to get signed. Then hopefully pick others up there. Also to free up space for many upcoming releases i have from net galley and on my personal tbr.

My yalc TBR now is :

  1. Flying tips for flightless birds
  2. truly wildly deeply
  3. countless
  4. Noah cant even

Thanks for reading and Id love to hear your thoughts on any books mentioned or if your going to Yalc this year too.

As always check out my other socials too and comment like and follow away. 🙂



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