YA Book Review : Clean

Hi guys,

Clean by Juno Dawson is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ stars.

I have finished clean and WOW!

Its an amazing, powerful ,emotional book to read. Totally engaging as always with Juno Dawsons books.

The detailed experiences of the highs and lows for Lexi were heart braking and real. You almost feel as if its happening to one of your best friends. I was totally engaged!

As well as covering Lexis story with a strong reality and sensitivity all of the the characters are also portrayed in the same way .

The friendships explored throughout were dealt with perfectly. Romance ,struggles ,and the good times were dealt with in a serious manner but also many humorous moments. Especially in the voice of Lexi and sasha .

I LOVE Love love Brady too!

I loved How it didn’t show that addiction or any mental health issue was any easy thing to overcome and that nobody’s “Normal” but doesn’t mean you don’t deserve happiness!

Overall this books is a great MentalHealth Ya read, with romance ,pureness, and all forms of relationships explored.

Definitely go check this book out!

Thanks for Reading ,any likes follows and comments are greatly appreciated here or on any of my socials.




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