Ya Book Review: Leah on the off beat

Hi Guys,

Leah on the off beat by Becky Albertalli is ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

This book lived up to the hype and was at the same standard as Simon!

I loved the voice of Leah she is hilarious and feels like you best friend.

The f/f relationship is portrayed amazingly. And as always It shows how different people deal with coming out to family and friends.

The awkwardness and flirting between Leah and Abby is so so cute and the ending was Perfect!

Although it was a big friendship group all the characters were relatable and memorable so it wasn’t confusing at all and was a really easy read.

I liked the fact at the end it gave you a quick update from after prom as you find out what has happened! And the format of it being in an email brings back the vibes from Simon!

Overall Its a great LGBT young adult read with friendship diversity as a key theme. Which i thoroughly enjoyed and would recommend to all (especially if you’re currently in a reading slump!)

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