YA Book Review:The Weight of a thousand feathers

Hi guys,

The weight of a thousand feathers by Brian Conaghan is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

Thanks to Bloomsbury Publishing i got an early hardback copy so was able to finish it in the beautiful sun as you can see ↓

As always i have read Brian Conaghans book quickly (in 2 days) because its that gripping.

This book is about MS and young carers . Its a heartfelt and emotional read that deals with topics people often feel unable to talk about in real life. All though dealing with serious topics in this and his previous books Brian always manages to put across the humour of which makes the book flow perfectly.

Bobby and Dannys brother hood is a quirky and funny  rollercoaster of a relationship. You cant help but feel for Bobby and experience his emotions with him throughout the ups and downs of his life especially when his mum asks him to help her end her life!

The friendships Bobby makes at Poztive (the young carers group) are portrayed diversely and represent how everybody deals with things differently but theres always someone who you can talk to and understands. Lou especially is a key character and his flirtatious friendship with bobby keeps you intrigued as well as the fact his life is quite mysterious and not very open like bobby has been.However towards the end He became the villain in the book and i disliked him a great amount!

Bel and Bobby being best-friends is a lovely factor of the book as it shows boys and girls can be be just friends. Also, Bel is trusted with Danny, who isn’t diagnosed but seems to have autism or a similar condition , as well as looking after Bobbys mum. I enjoyed the reality of this friendship where one minute they’re happy, joking , confiding and then arguing the next.

I love how at the end of the book you feel a sense of union between the brothers themselves and with their mum. Which is shown most in the last 40 pages and through very roar thoughts, feelings and actions of the two boys!

Overall this books is a great insight into the struggles of illness and young carers as well as being Gay. It is a fabulous read with a great pace of which means you cant put it down!

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