YA Book Review: Differently Normal


Differently Normal by Tammy Robinson is a ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I thoroughly enjoyed this book about Maddy’s life with Bees Many disabilities and the  effect it has on them as a close knit family . As well as this the book is a beautiful romance and also deals with a family on the opposite end of the spectrum as Albert struggles with his abusive father and horrible Brother.

The many settings of the book are beautiful and scenic such as the dates the pair go on and then manic and stressful when they both return home. This is evident to the reader and you feel the emotions with the characters. I love The dual perspective chapters as you get to know the stories in depth of both Albert and Maddy. Although there personalities are very different the bond between them is pure and great to see evolve throughout. As a reader you fall in love with both of them!

Bees disabilities such as autism are dealt with superbly. It highlights the real struggles families face. As well as this Bees fits are very raw and heartbreaking to read. However i enjoyed how Tammy Robinson included ideas which showed people with autism can still do things “normal” this by bees involvement in the relationship and the activities her and Maddy do together such as Biking,Parks and Horse-riding. The fact that Albert regards bee as a “normal” person is definitely a key point of the book and true. Just because Bee is different doesn’t mean they’re not a person and you can still talk to them.

The friendship between Kyle and Maddy is unique and he provides the humour side of the book.

Maddy and Alberts journeys are portrayed realistically. I also like the fact that there is a-lot of dialogue between the two which expresses their personalities more. Albert is free and romantic where as we see Maddy become her true self from quite shy and protective to open and flirtatious.

I fell in love with Albert (Albear) as a character i wish he was a real person.😍

Warning something very unexpected happens and it takes you on an emotional Journey.

The ending of the book is brought together perfectly and isn’t rushed. Its very sad and happy (i was sobbing!) The sense of everything coming together was very well written in terms of the happiness and freedom for Both families.

I 100% recommend this book to everybody. Its a easy read in terms of pace however hard-hitting in all emotions possible.

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