YA Book Review : Flying Tips for Flightless Birds


Flying tips for flightless birds by Kelly McCaughrain is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️


I have never read a book about the circus before and i must say i enjoyed it a lot. I also loved the style of Kelly writing and how well she portrayed all 3 main characters although only from one voice Finch .

As well as this the blog posts being included were a very cool element of the book and it was nice to find out the heritage of the sibling act. This being written by Birdie made her character really shine and put her personality across more .

The sibling relationship is wonderful, the closeness between the two is shown perfectly and i liked that they weren’t the stereotypical teenagers and were quirky in choices and style. This mirroring the book layout and concept.

Mainly i liked the fact that a lot of dialogue was used because it really showed the reader the personalities ,appearances ,emotions of  not only the main characters in the book but also the background ones. All of which definitely had huge personas to be shown wether that be loving ,angry ,unkind or funny.

Kelly made school life very realistic and showed the struggles faced by the twins and Hector emotionally and sophisticated. But it also showed that You shouldn’t let other people make your life a misery and its best to just carry on normally.

I adored Hector as a person he was so cute and the like-ability just radiated off the page into my heart! and then when the relationship between him and Finch grew i was bursting with happiness.

Although mostly the book is funny, throughout there are emotional and heartbreaking point which are also dealt with respectably.

I found it really easy to get into and read 270 pages after my last GCSE! Then finished it the next day . I Will definitely love to read another one of her books in the future and Am looking forward to seeing and getting my book signed by her at YALC!

Overall this book was a great ya lgbt read that explored self discovery and friendships in a fabulous way.

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One thought on “YA Book Review : Flying Tips for Flightless Birds

  1. The only book about a circus I can remember reading is Water For Elephants – which was AMAZING. Will now have to put this one on my to read list.

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