YA Book Review : How we roll


How we Roll by Natasha Friend is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

how we roll

This story immediately appealed to me because Quinn the main character has alopecia and This is something close to my heart. As well as this , My typical ya reads are ones with romance and illness so this was right up my street, and It 100% met  my expectations as i finished it in 1 and a bit days .

This book also feature Autism at its highest end of the spectrum and i must say is dealt with so sensitively but realistically as it shows how its like for Julius and the impact on the family too.

There were some very raw and emotionalmoments throughout the novel where sometimes i felt sad, angry  and then happy and excited. Without spoilers this book has a lot of things happening which creates a flow meaning that you cant put it down.

The bullying that is shown briefly through flashback thoughts are great because although Quinn has moved school and home it shows that words scar for life and that people should think before they speak. I also really related to the fact that Quinn found it hard to trust people after this as i’ve been through that too. As i’m sure many of us have! I also enjoyed how at the end the parents find out and their reactions because that is generally what goes on .

The romance between Quinn and Nick who is an amputee was beautifully written and straight away i wanted them to be together and when it is developing you cant help but fall in love too. Nicks reality of his accident and his attitude is very true to life and represents the struggles he faces. But how both of them help each other throughout the difficult times but also happy times is amazing and spurs you to support them even more.

The admiring thing i found about Natasha Friends writing is that in this book she deals with 3 hard hitting subjects but manages to explain them all without being to intense to read however still showing the difficulties and lives realistically.

Overall this books is a fabulous moving novel about ya mental health , disabilities  and illnesses. With a cute romance , family fued and Navigating Friendships also thrown in the mix.

I definitely recommend it!

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5 thoughts on “YA Book Review : How we roll

    • Yes sorry that was the one spoiler. Yes the girls brother has and it plays a key part in the relationships built ect xx Its very good Xx Im autistic and my mum has alopecia so this book hit home for me but i loved it Xx Let me know what u think! ❤️⭐️👍🏻😁Thanks for reading xx


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