YALC Day 2


So Sunday at YALC was just as fabulous as day 1. My mum came this day too to help me with my books.

It was great to meet Lisa Williamson who said she wants to use my Last name in a future book as she loves it.😁👇🏻

These are all the books i bought on Sunday as well as picking up my win of ROSIE LOVES JACK which i’m very excited to get stuck in to.🙈👇🏻

Holly Bourne was so sweet and it was great to tell her how much i love Lemmings and snowflakes already. ❤️👇🏻

ME and Courtney were also reunited with Juno Dawson so was cool to get clean signed for my collection.

Kelly McCaughrain was so lovely and the Irish accent is my favourite so i was slightly in love when we were talking.😍👇🏻

I also had a great chat with Jenny McLachlan about Mental health and YALC. She was so kind.💕👇🏻

This is the swag i got on Day 2 and I was super excited i was allowed 2 of the Skylarks bookmark because Its my FAVOURITE BOOK OF 2018.👇🏻

Then over the weekend these are all the books i got/won that are early releases.🎉👇🏻

Posters day 2

Thank you for reading, It would mean a lot if you could follow me and show some love to the post. If you want to see what i got up to on day 1 then got to my previous blog post.YALC DAY 1

3 thoughts on “YALC Day 2

  1. SO cool that one of the authors you met wants to use your last name! I had to come up with so many names for my book and I had fun using names of people I know. They’re like little Easter eggs for my friends to find when they read my book!

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