YA Book Review : Brave Enough


Brave Enough by Kati Gardner is a fabulous ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5

I was desperate to read this book and thanks to FLUX in the US i got sent an early copy. When it arrived i literally squealed and jumped up and down in the middle of my kitchen.(i do this Every-time i receive an arc actually🙈).

I completed it in 2 days and wow was it powerful emotional and full of positivity.

Davis ( survived cancer and drug addiction) was a great character who you felt invested in because it was obvious he was a funny, kind and loving kid who was struggling with life. His behaviour when working at the hospital was endearing and you fell in love with him which is why when he is going through the dark patch in the book you feel as if your his friend and are sad to see it.

Cason (Dancer whos injury turns out to be cancer) was a wonderful characters whos journey through out was emotional both in sad and happiness. The development of the relationship between her and her mum was lovely to read as it helped in her recovery, but also showed a better side of her mum too. It was refreshing to read because although going through this devastatingly difficult time it seemed that Cason’s happiness actually grew and peaked.

There was a strong message throughout showing that Family, Friends and support helps with coping and that when you talk about stuff then things do get better. This was shown for Cason, Davis and Cason’s mum.

Overall this book was an amazing ya romance and illness book that tackled hard topics but in such a way that it wasn’t too hard hitting to read and was still realistic.

Thanks for Reading, If you enjoyed it go comment, like and follow as i really will appreciate it. 

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