10 Bookish pet peeves


As you fellow book lovers know there are just some things in the bookish world that really bug us. Here are my top 10 things that irritate me.

  1. Folded pages
  2. Rushed Endings
  3. Too many characters who write the chapters. e.g. 5 different people who all write from their point of view for chapters throughout.
  4. People returning borrowed books in bad condition
  5. Marks or rips on books when bought
  6. Long chapters
  7. Deep bookshelves (that You can fit 2 books on) because you cant see all of your books. (Why i’ve had mine made)
  8. Not having many friends who understand my excitement about a book because they don’t read much or at all.
  9. Cracked spines which then don’t stand up easily.
  10. The Difficulty to decide between 5 books on your tbr for the next read.

Id love to see what some of yours are so go Comment what yours are below!

Thanks for reading please go show me some love on here or instagram. Any support is appreciated.

4 thoughts on “10 Bookish pet peeves

  1. My books are battered and I honestly don’t mind it looking like hell as long as I’m the one who caused it. I’ll get really mad if it’s other people who batter my books- I get territorial because only I get to do that haha. Also, I feel your pain about not having friends you can share your excitement with- I wish my friends would read books with me!


  2. My biggest book pet peeve is bad/unsatisfying endings. A bad ending can ruin an otherwise great book for me. If it’s too convenient or unsatisfying or frustratingly ambiguous, I feel duped, like I spent time infesting in the book that I can never get back. Arg!

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