YA Book Review : No Fixed Address

*This book isn’t out until 4th October in the uk*


No Fixed Address by Susin Nielsen is a great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

I have loved Susin’s previous books so i was so excited to be sent a copy of this from Andersen Press Publicity.

This story follows Felix and his mums (Astrid) life being homeless and living in a van. It is told over the course of 3 months with background information too. It is then when Felix gets a spot on his favourite tv show that his life could be turn’t around.

I found this very easy to read as it flowed perfectly. The voice of Felix and the reality of their situation was portrayed wonderfully and in a heartfelt way . I also enjoyed the aspect of Astrid’s ‘slumps’ and how they were described with such and the impacts they had on Felix . The friendship between Felix , Winnie and Dylan was great fun and showed the true aspects of friendships through the good and bad times.

Although tackling sensitive and real word topics/problems it was done in a mature way and the characters always remained Positive and hopeful making the reader invest in the story and want to find out the ending.

I would definitely recommend this book for MG and YA fans because its amazing and not too hard hitting but still shows many problems adults and children face in the real world.

Thanks for reading.I hope you enjoy! Let me know if your likely to pick this fab book up! Im so thankful for All the Love


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