Blogmas DAY 2 : Nativity in Theatre!


On 16th November me and mum went to see Nativity in the theatre and boy was it amazing. I love the theatre generally and nativity is one of my favourite Christmas films because they’re funny and easy to watch , so to go and see it live was amazing.

It 100% lived up to mine and mums expectations as it was hilarious, so much so that both of our faces were hurting 20 minutes in from laughing. We were especially happy it focused on the 1st film as in our opinions thats the best one.

Simon Lipkin played mr poppy in the production and he was great at portraying the humour. Simon Lipkin is actually the main star of the new Nativity rocks film (in cinema now) and he plays mr poppy’s younger brother. Personally we didnt find the new film as  funny as the others however it did deal with a more serious topic that i still enjoyed following.

The child actors and dancers in the production were brilliant and their joyfulness and energy definitely transferred to the audience. One of my favourite parts was when the lights blow out , they did this in the theatre, and all the audience were told to use their phone torches as light for the actors.

I would definitely recommend going and seeing it no matter what age you are. When we went their were adults of all ages alone , families , teenagers everyone!

I hope you enjoyed this review of the theatre production but also if you haven’t watched films 1-3 go check them out too.

Thanks for reading, hope you come back tomorrow!



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