Blogmas DAY 4 : Bath Christmas Market


This past weekend  mum, nan  grandad and myself all went down to Bath for the Christmas market. It was a lovely weekend where we mooched around the stalls as well as the shops in the city.

On our way up to bath we had a little shopping stop at Bicester where we bought some Christmas presents and i bought a top for my birthday in January. Ive never been here and i absolutely loved it especially how it was decorated for Christmas , it was absolutely magical.

We arrived at a cozy little hotel called Paradise House which was a great location to get into the city  . That evening we went around the stalls and I tried some Mulled wine as well as drinking a lot of hot chocolate. Then me and mum watched a Christmas film called This is our Christmas it was a bit strange but got us in the spirit.

On Saturday morning we returned to the market and we bought some flavoured gin (my favourite) as well as some art work (a map and drawings of London.) We also split up to do some Christmas present shopping although i did buy a few bits for myself too including books (obviously) and a funky jumper. We were then going to have lunch at Sally Lunn’s however the queue was massive so we sat in a courtyard of another cute cafe, My lunch was beautiful.After this we went back to the room for a rest as i was sore with my fibromyalgia.


After our little rest mum and i had a burst of energy so we got ready for dinner early and headed back down to the market to take more photos and explore more as we knew it wouldn’t be as manic as it was during the day. We really enjoyed ourselves as all the lights were on , there were some bands playing and singing Christmas songs and we saw some stalls we hadn’t seen yet including another art stall where we bought my nan a present and i bought a fox picture plus a fox sticker. Then we met my grandparents for dinner at Joya a delicious Italian restaurant where we enjoyed our pasta dishes and garlic bread.

bath art

I would definitely love to do it again and would recommend it as a great mini break especially to start the festivities of Christmas. Not only is there the market and great shops but the city has a lot of history to enjoy as well.

Thanks for reading, Im so thankful for all the support i’m getting and would love to see you again tomorrow.



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