Blogmas DAY 8 : Christmas Travels


In this blog post i’m going to share with you some of my favourite christmases away from home. My family and i have been away for Christmas quite a few times and we really enjoy it as we find it much less stressful, were usually with family and every place is unique.

  1. America : We visited America when i was 5 years old and stayed at Disneyland for most of it. However when it came to Christmas day we went to a member of the families house by the water in which boats lit up did a show. It was very cool and i still remember it now.
  2. Australia : I was 9 years old when we went to Australia for Christmas and ill always remember it as we spent Christmas on the beach watching fireworks with our family that live out there and i also got my first mobile phone on this holiday.
  3. NewZealand : On this holiday mum and i went with my nan and grandad and i was 14 years old. We have a lot of family that live here so we travelled around firstly Aukland , Rotorua , Taupo , Tauranga , Bay of Plenty and ended up in Whakatane where we celebrated Christmas day with my cousins and the rest of their family on a farm where i tried venison for the 1st time. A few highlights from this holiday were trying to find a Christmas tree the day before Christmas , white water rafting and finding driftwood that looked like a giraffe.
  4. Gran Canaria (Puerto Mogan): This was our most recent as it was last Christmas so i was 16 and again we went with my nan and grandad.This is mine and mums happy place where we feel completely relaxed so to spend Christmas there was great. On Christmas day we sunbathed ect but on new years they celebrate quite a lot and wow were there some amazing firework displays everywhere and we had some nice drinks in a little bar.

 Going away in the winter is perfect for me as the sun helps my Fibromyalgia pain.

Thanks for reading! go comment below where you’ve been away at Christmas time.

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