Blogmas DAY 9 : My Christmas Wishlist


Today i’m going to share with you the few things i did ask for this Christmas.I don’t really ask mum for things as she knows me very well however i did put a little list together for other family members/mums friends .

  1. I asked my dad for some US dollars and me and mum want to go to Washington to see our friends as well as New York when there. So this will kick start my saving.
  2. The one thing i asked my mum for was a book rucksack from Think Geek. which i know i have got , and as a disclaimer (I wouldn’t order from there again as shipping is expensive and then when it arrives in the uk you get charged another lot.)
  3. Book Gift vouchers were a general thing i asked for (as always) as i love buying books.
  4. Lastly i put together a small book list for people who wanted to buy me physical books.Some of which were Hardback and others Paperback. The books i asked for:
  • Unbroken by Marieke Nijkamp
  • Letting go of gravity by Meg Leder
  • Words in deep blue by Cath Crowley
  • The chaos of Now by Erin Lange
  • Wilder by Andrew Simonet
  • Analee in real life by Janelle Milanes 

Thanks so much for reading and all the support with my posts.It means a lot.

What did you ask for this Christmas? What books are on your list?


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