Blogmas DAY 12 : Christmas traditions


Me and My family have quite a lot of Christmas traditions which i’m going to share today.

Firstly, when i was younger it used to be every Christmas eve me and mum would go to the pantomime however now we just see something Christmassy in theatre in the month of December.

On Christmas eve the last few years me and mum sit down eat picky bits for our late lunch whilst watching the Holiday (our favourite Christmas film.) We enjoy this as its lovely and relaxing.


One thing on Christmas eve that we’ve done consistently from birth to now is Christmas eve presents which have always had a penguin tag on them. This always includes a new pair of Christmas pjs each which we wear that night. When i was younger mum used to buy both of ours, however now i buy mums presents .























On Christmas day we get up make a hot drink and start opening presents. All of which mum records on her camcorder and i say the year and merry Christmas. She has done this every year since i could talk.


Once we’ve opened them we usually sit down watch a film or something and i enjoy my presents before we get dressed to go to Nan and Grandads house for dinner and more presents.

On boxing Day i then go to my Dads house where we usually go straight to my other nan and grandads and i open all my presents from them. (This years going to be a bit different as my nan recently passed away and its our first year without her). We are going to grandads still and then the day after we are going out for a meal with my great aunt and uncle which should be nice.

Something else mum does is changes the Christmas tree every year. Either, different colour/type of decorations or a new tree.


2016 Tree and the tree this year will be coming up soon on a house tour

Thanks so much for reading. Do you have any traditions at this time of year or any other? What are they?

2 thoughts on “Blogmas DAY 12 : Christmas traditions

  1. Great post!
    On Christmas Eve, we eat different fish. Christmas Day, we open presents when the dog is ready (yup…true story), and while we open presents we drink coffee and eat leftover Christmas Eve dessert for breakfast.

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