Blogmas DAY 14 : Christmas Jumpers


On my Christmas traditions post i said about Christmas pjs however another thing me and mum do is buy new Christmas jumpers every year. So because today Xmas Jumper Day Nationally i’m going to show you some of mine.

xmas tops


When we went to NewZealand obviously it was too hot to wear a jumper but mum did buy Christmas T-shirts to keep up our tradition. (2014)






The same when we went to Gran Canaria last Christmas. I particularly liked this one. (2017)





The Santa hat jumper was from last year that i wore throughout December before we went on holiday.

Mrs Claus hoodie is mine this year and i absolutely love it. Its thinner so i don’t get too hot and its very comfy. (From Next)



Thanks so much for reading. All the support has been amazing and its nice to see so many new people. Do you wear Christmas Jumpers?


One thought on “Blogmas DAY 14 : Christmas Jumpers

  1. Such adorable jumpers! Of course, we call them sweaters here. A few Christmases I complained to my mom that I no longer had any nice sweaters. She took me to Old Navy and bought me about five very pretty ones in a variety of styles and colors. They’re all still in good shape andI’ve gotten lots of use out of them. That Christmas was thereafter referred to as “The Year of the Sweater.”

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