Blogmas DAY 17 : Christmas dog Accessories


Today i’m going to show you all the cute little Christmas accessories we have got for Lucy over the years. She’s such a poser so we definitely love buying her things.




First is this little soft bandanna that says santa paws on it. Its so cute and Lucy loved wearing it as it wasn’t to over the top and un comfy.







Second is A red and white stripy scarf that Lucy actually liked wearing as it just Velcro round her neck.





This  is my favourite look and we did a little photoshoot with her for it.Other pictures ill put at the bottom. But it did up with velcro again and had little bells on the ends of each point. She just looks so cute in it.






Next is my favourite picture of me and lucy together where she’s wearing her red bow tie with shimmery silver circles on.She didn’t mind the bow tie however the santa hat did annoy her so we only used it for 2 pictures. She wasn’t keen on it as it kept falling off her head and scaring her.






Last year we bought her a Christmas jumper that Lucy liked as she gets a bit chilly so we left it on her quite a bit and she slept lovely as she was warm.




Lastly is some glasses that were for us humans to muck around with and take photos. But we were at my cousins who have a staffie who is also a fab poser and so chilled so we thought it would be cool for the dogs to try it out too. Lucy was brilliant and posed however didn’t like it very much especially the 2nd one where its over her nose. And puzzles didn’t like it either really but laid their unfazed.The outcomes are  BRILL tho right?

As an extra treat ill through in some more photos including snapchat filters!

Thanks so much for reading! Do you buy outfits or accessories for your pets? Whats been your favourite picture of Lucy Loo?


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