Blogmas DAY 18 : TOP 5 Books 2018


This year there has been some great books out. Ive found it a bit tough to read and blog as much the last few months due to illnesses and starting 6th form. In the new year i hope to have better health and balance of school and my blog.

I only started blogging early this year and i’ve had a great time in the community.

Today Im going to recommend 5 2018 books that i loved and think people should read.

  1. Skylarks by Karen Gregory: I think everyone knows this has been my favourite read this year and in a long time. The issues in it are written perfectly and emotionally. You can see my review here Ya Book Review : Skylarks .
  2. Thats not what happened by Kody Keplinger : I read this in October and i still think about the story and characters now. It was amazing and a unique read due to the reality of school shootings in America. The review is included here Holiday Book Reviews .
  3. Are we all Lemmings and Snowflakes by Holly Bourne: This was one of my most anticipated releases so when i got an early finished copy at YALC i was so happy and me and Courtney started reading it there. The characters mean a lot to me due to my own struggles. And i enjoyed the Kindness Campaign along side the book which me and Courtney both spread in our local area.  My review YA Book Review : Lemmings and Snowflakes .
  4. How we Roll by Natasha Friend : The story of this book was something i was desperate to own and read as it features a girl with alopecia which is something close to my heart. Ive never read a book with it in so i was so happy with the portrayal and i enjoyed the fact that it showed self acceptance and importance of being happy and not everyone is the sameYA Book Review : How we roll .
  5. No fixed Address by Susin Nielsen : I loved this book due to many of the aspects. The friendships, romance , family drama as well as life lessons such as fitting in, being happy and money struggles many people face. Also the impact an illness of a parent has on the children. I also loved the aspect of the quiz show which he takes part in. It was written well and in short chapters so its easy to read. I reviewed it here YA Book Review : No Fixed Address

Thanks so much for reading , the support has meant a lot and still does. Have you read any of these? What were your favourite books this year?


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