Blogmas DAY 19: My fav 5 blog/vlogmas people


I watch a lot of youtube and read book blogs so today i’m going to recommend 5 of my favourites even though i have many more people too.

  1.  Cerys from browsing for books who i have a guest post going up tomorrow for her blogmas series.
  2. Gardner Quad Squad aren’t officially doing vlogmas but post 6 days a week and i love them!
  3. Hailey In Bookland is My favourite book tuber and she’s doing bookmas this year!
  4. Katy from Invisible i who i have followed since her channel was Tourettes related and now its invisible illnesses. Which i have both so i love and is relatable. She’s doing weekly Vlogmas posts.
  5. Jenniely who’s doing blogmas and has helped many newbie bloggers.

Thanks for reading and go check out these amazing girls. Who are some of your favourites?


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