Blogmas DAY 20 : Christmas Bookshelf Tour


Today i’m going to explain my bookshelves and how i decorated them for Christmas. Im not going to go through all the book as i’m planning on a normal bookshelf tour in the new year after Christmas and my birthday where i will do this.


Firstly, My top shelves are the correct size for hardback books and the rest are for paperbacks only. This is because my mum had my bookshelves custom made a few months ago for me.

To get the look right took me about 4 hours as my books aren’t normally in this order and layout. Plus i’m OCD so had to have it symmetrical.This was without putting the Christmas lights on as mum had to help me because i cant reach the top without balancing and i’m very clumsy (haha!) We used 2 sets of our Christmas lights.

So ,starting at the top, My hardback shelves all have Santa decorations with 2 little ones on the inside to the middle shelf. Then the middle shelf has a big Santa teddy in the middle of it. The right Santa mums had for a while and i just used it this year and then the left and middle i bought whilst at Bath Christmas Market

Next i went down into black books as they went with the shelf above. Along this shelf i done a colour coordinated elf on the shelf. So on the far left is Black naughty elf and then middle is nothing as its yellow books and Far Right is Pink with the pink books. I bought my Elf/its clothes from The Range.

The Third shelves down are Miscellaneous decorations. The left being The blue Christmas costa cup. I love costa and last year i collected all of them so seen as this years one was blue i thought id put it with my blue books. The middle shelf is a snowman tree decoration that lights up, however i cut off the string so its now an ornament, it is from The range again and with the white books . Then on the Right is a Fox snow globe from John Lewis which i put with the orange books as its orangey. Obviously i love this as our family surname is Fox.

On the 4th shelves its back to the elves this time on the inside to the middle one and they are Blue and Red with their matching books.The middle shelf is plain. So that the middle shelf going down is every other shelf has an ornament.

Lastly, the bottom shelf in the picture (not in real life, as some are empty currently) I have a little white china stag head on the far left and on the far right a Christmas present ornament which are both from the range. Then on the Middle Shelf are cool light up letters to spell BOOKS for my shelves which Mum bought me in ASDA.

Thanks so much for Reading. If you want to see my bookshelves back to normal give me a follow as ill be posting that with all my books listed and my new ones will be there to.

Do you like my shelves? Do you decorate your own book shelves/shelf?


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