Blogmas DAY 21 : Christmas House Tour


Me and My Mum absolutely love Christmas and decorating the house, so today i’m going to share our Christmas trees and some decorations we have around the house.

Firstly ill show you my TV room on the top floor of the house. I made my own tree decorations of my favourite books by printing the covers and sticking them on foam board. I then put them on my white tree with a Santa hat on top. Its great as its in the same room as my bookshelves. I also have A medium grey Santa and a small one standing together by the door. On my windowsill i have a wooden fox that i painted grey in a wooly jumper and a cute sign that says A VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS. i then hung little grey stockings underneath the windowsill which i actually love. Lastly Above my sofa i have a merry Christmas banner.

Moving on to the main living room and middle floor. My favourite feature of this room is the bauble stickers above the tv.We bought these off of amazon and they are fab. We then have our Christmas tree which i chose and mum decorated with a snowball/snowflake theme.However at the top we do have a Bichon decoration that looks like our little Lucy Loo.  Our decorations are white, grey and red so they match the house. We then have 2 white china trees and 2 grey unique Santas that we bought from a little shop in a local village either side of the tv. So its symmetrical. And on the windowsill by our docking station mum bought these cute little reindeer ornaments with a plant in. Lastly on our windowsill on the landing at the top of the stairs we have cute candles that spell out merry Christmas. These are great as they make the house smell lovely.

Downstairs we have our Harrods twig tree in the kitchen. This is a newer tradition we started in 2016 where mum will buy a few of that years baulbaules so eventually we will have lots and when i’m older i will also have them for my tree in my own house.

As well as this we swap one of our pictures out for a christmassy one we bought in the range 2 years ago that says “oh baby its cold outside”. Then on our cupboard where we keep our glasses we have a cute red noel that we hang on the handle. We like this as it is subtle. This year we added a father Christmas to the end one as we bought it in Gran Canaria last Christmas and its unique. Plus it makes us happy as thats our happy place.

Last of All is the outside of our house. We only have white lights as we like minimalistic and we have our icicles at the first level height. Also, we put some light up Christmas trees in our garden which is funny because Lucys not quite sure what they are.

Thanks so much for Reading, the support has been amazing. Do you decorate your house?Whats your favourite picture of mine ?

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