Blogmas DAY 22 : Highlights of 2018


This year i have done some great things that ill remember forever. Even though its been tough with my own health and the passing of my Nan many good things have happened too and thats what i’m concentrating on as its Christmas!

  1. This Year i went to YALC DAY 1 and YALC Day 2 which was actually day 2 and 3 as i couldn’t go for the Friday. It was one of the best times of my life. I was quite nervous but excited too. Once i was inside i was fine and thoroughly enjoyed buying books, getting some swag , meeting authors and seeing lots of other bookish people who i knew from online.
  2. I had my first Birthday party with my new friends from school which was so fun as it was Hollywood Themed. Mum hosts the best parties.
  3. Completing my GCSEs and getting a’s and b’s even after missing so much school. It was great to celebrate with my friends on the last day and results day
  4. Getting my bookshelves made as its been my dream to have a whole wall full of shelves for my books and now i do. When i have my own house id love a library room with a chair in the middle.
  5. Bath Christmas Market as it was nice to have a weekend away and spend time with mum ,nan and grandad. As well as this we bought presents and a few bits for ourselves. The room was lovely and cozy too so felt very festive.

Thanks for reading once again. What have been your highlights this year? 

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