Blogmas DAY 24 : Favourite Xmas Food/drinks


Today is Christmas Eve and my final post for Blogmas. Im going to share with you what food we enjoy eating on Christmas eve and Christmas day. As well as the drinks we drink.

Picky food: On Christmas eve we sit down and eat our picky food which consists of Sticky chicken skewers, Chinese and Indian chicken skewers , duck spring rolls, pesto/tomato bread and some mini beef yorkshire puddings.

Christmas day morning me and mum like to have pancakes with bacon and banana covered with maple syrup. Its absolutely delicious! Then Christmas evening my nan cooks a lovely Christmas dinner. I love the turkey with cranberry sauce and creamed mashed Brussel sprouts.

Obviously a lot of chocolate in consumed too with some hot drinks i.e tea and cappuccinos.

The alcoholic drinks we love and i’ve always had a tiny glass of are Bucks-fizz , Babycham and snowball. As i got older i was allowed to have more and now i’m nearly 18 i can have even more haha! Me and mum usually have snowballs Christmas eve and then Bucks-fizz on Christmas day.

This morning i did a mrs Claus delivery service with Lucy to my nan and grandads with some prezzies for today. Their drink is gin so i supplied them for over the holidays . Heres the photos!

Thanks so much for all your support over Blogmas! I look forward to seeing you all next year. ❤️❤️

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