YA Book Review : Five Feet Apart


Five feet apart by Rachel Lippincourt is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Five-Feet-Apart-post book.png

I was lucky enough to have this approved on Netgalley and wow it is  an amazing book.

I love ya books that include illness and romance so this was the perfect book for me. I enjoyed the fact it was written by both Stella and Will and the chapters weren’t too long. So I read it in 2 days.

One really special thing to me in this book was that Stella’s sister Abby used to sing “bushel and peck’ to her. Me and my mum sing this song to each other too sometimes so i absolutely loved this feature.

Wills personality and interactions with Stella were comical even in the difficult times both were facing. Although some parts were sad there was a lot of hope throughout the book and the friendships in the book were fun too read.

This book also shows how important it is for the nurses to be funny, kind and serious and i think it was a good representation of how long term patients feel in hospital. Barb was such a key character and as a reader i fell in love with her.

It was a lovely but sad ending and i was laying on the sofa crying.

I cant wait for the film this year now!

Thanks so much for reading my post.Hopefully you’ll follow for more.  Will you be picking this book up or seeing the film soon? 


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