Bookshelf Tour 2019

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for being MIA for a month been struggling with some health issues. But i’ve got my mojo back and am reading again.I noticed a few new followers whilst i’ve been away so thank you for the continued support all of you.

Today i sorted my bookshelves out from the Christmas decorations so i’m going to share them with you today. I love how they’ve  turned out.

1 shelves 19.jpg

Firstly i’m going to explain how i got to this arrangement then i will take you through each column and say my favourite books in each section.

Last year i had my books in a rainbow and then at Christmas i changed it up. However, i find it most aesthetically pleasing when its in a rainbow so i reverted back to that set up. I like to keep my shelves quite minimalistic  in terms of decorations and layout so all my books are up right with only some shelves having figures on. I went with an every other shelf order for my paperbacks and have them symmetrical so 2’1’1’2. I had the idea to create a pin board so i used 3 pieces of mount-board and cut them/stuck together to fit into one of my shelves. Now i have a place to pin all my pins/badges on from book events/publishers as well as ones i buy myself. Lastly i added a shelf on the right with some of my favourite childhood books .

2 shelves 19


This is my first column of books and the top shelf is my hardback books in the same rainbow order as all my paperback shelves.

Here i Have my Lucie Kaas Amy Whine-house doll as i absolutely love her.

I own a Proof of All our broken pieces that is coming out 24th April in the UK. This is the first book on shelf 4. Thanks so much to LD Crichton for personally posting me this with some swag (picture in review nearer the release)

My favourite 5 books in this column are

  1. Paper Avalanche by Lisa Williamson
  2. Skylarks by Karen Gregory
  3. Thats not what happened by Kody Keplinger
  4. Dandelion Clocks by Rebecca Westcott
  5. DROP by Katie Everson




3 shelves 19


Now for the middle column. Where the hardbacks are carrying on in the rainbow. I have my POP Vinyl figure of ED Sheeran in the middle.I then have Prince Harry and the Queen with her corgi pop vinyl figures either side of my books. They’re with the pink books because she’s wearing pink. Then missing a shelf have Danny Zuko and Sandy pop vinyl figures in same position as  the other 2.

Next is my new creation a Pin board which for now is quite empty. I have sectioned it into publisher pins/badges on the left then book pins/badges to general reading pins i buy on the right. Im excited to start my collection now.

Lastly is a neat box with all my bookmarks/cards/letters from publishers or authors. And next to it are my 2 book-sleeves. One with geeky fox print and the other page print.

My top 5 books in this column are

  1. The odds of loving Grover Cleveland by Rebekah Crane
  2. Zac and Mia by A J Betts
  3. When Mr dog bites by David Conaghan
  4. Moonrise by Sarah Crossan
  5. My box shaped heart by Rachel Lucas




4 shelves 19

My last columns top row are all my odd sized books, graphic novels and manga. On this side i have a Lucie Kaas Andy Warhol doll which i love as i love artwork and drawing.

I own a proof of All the invisible things by Orlagh Collins releasing 7th March in the uk. Thanks to Bloomsbury publishers for posting this to me for free to review near release. It is located on the 4th Shelf.

I then have on the left The Famous Five Series which i loved when i was a child and on the right is a pile of diary of the wimpy kid books as well as Matilda, Warhorse and Two weeks with the queen which i remember vividly still now. I then have my white chia fox ornament.

My top 5 books from here are:

  1. Roller girl by Victoria Jamieson
  2. Are we all Lemmings and snowflakes by Holly Bourne
  3. Goodbye perfect by Sara Barnard
  4. Gangsta Rap by Benjamin Zephaniah
  5. In Bloom by Matthew Crow


Thanks so much for reading, Id love if you can help my blog grow by sharing ,liking and commenting on posts. It all means a lot to me.

How do you organise your shelfs ? Do you like mine? Have you read any of the books i’ve listed? If not you definitely should.Go comment below id love to chat.






7 thoughts on “Bookshelf Tour 2019

  1. What a gorgeous arrangement! And a very clever idea for the pin board 😉 I’m so jealous of readers who can maintain these kinds of beautiful colourful layouts – my brain just doesn’t lend itself to it, I’m afraid, and anytime I try something like it I get very lost and confused when I try to find a book, so it’s boring old alphabetical for me. Still, I can appreciate it when it’s done well, like yours! Enjoy! ❤️

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