YA Mini Book Review : Me mam, Me dad , ME.


Me Mam , me dad,  me. is a great ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5


My first read of 2019 was this amazing book by Malcolm. It managed to capture the innocence and matureness of Danny in his saddening circumstances whilst maintaining humour in his overall personality.

I had been meaning to pick this book up multiple times during 2018 and i finally did on new years eve. Im so glad i have because it tackles the topic of domestic violence from a Childs eyes. The descriptions are realistic and show the true impact it has on not only the victim ( Dannys mum ) but also the whole family.

Danny and Amys growing relationship is written as a cute first love story showing the youth of Danny as well as his mature side dealing with many issues.

Be sure to read this if you enjoy hard-hitting , emotional  but easy reads.

Thanks for reading, sorry this is a short one but i wrote it before going into a slump. Have you read this?What did you think?

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