Film Review : Five Feet Apart


Earlier this month i went to see five feet apart in the cinema . after reading the book i was hoping the film would be amazing, It was 🙂


The film was so close to the plot of the book and even included key lines from it which i was so happy about as i hate hate hate it when films are a huge let down and don’t include the most important parts of the book.

The actors were exactly how i imagined them to look like, and acted the personalities perfectly to how i had thought they were. The humour and heartache were just as poignant as in the book and literally everyone was sobbing in the cinema including my best friend. I think as i was expecting the sad parts from reading the book i didn’t sob during the film, but i definitely did when reading it for the 1st time.

Its a definite must see if you’ve read the book.

Then If you have enjoyed films such as The fault in our stars, Everything Everything and Midnight sun then you will 100% love Five Feet Apart too.



Also id love if you checked out my YA Book Review : Five Feet Apart which also gives the summary of the story.



Any support through follows ,likes and comments are hugely appreciated.

Thank you for reading!


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