Mid April Book Haul


Last week i went back down to a shopping centre where i used to live and then to a Waterstones where i live now. I bought quite a lot of books. So am doing a mid month haul.


Here are the books i accumulated:

  1. (YA) Opposite of always by Justin A Reynolds : I have been very hyped for ages about it.
  2. (YA) The Love and Lies of Rukhsana Ali by Sabina Khan  : I bought for same reason above.
  3. (YA) Watch us rise by Renee Watson and Ellen Hagan : I’ve seen it circulating twitter, I  read the first chapter there and was intrigued straight away.
  4. (MG) To Night Owl from DogFish by Holly Goldberg Sloan and Meg Wolitzer : I’ve seen peoples reviews and want to start reading more MG too.
  5. (MG) High rise mystery by Sharna Jackson : I think it sounds intriguing and is apparently the next best detectives.
  6. (MG) The boy at the back of the class by Onjali Q Rauf : I’ve seen some positive reviews and recommendations.
  7. (MG) The day i was erased by Lisa Thompson : i’ve previously enjoyed her writing.
  8. (YA) Rayne and Delilah’s midnite matinee by Jeff Zentner :Its been on my anticipated reads of  2019 for a while.
  9. (GN) Brave by Svetlana Chmakova : I enjoyed the first one.
  10. (YA) Life’s A beach by Chloe Cole : i’ve been looking for this for ages but nowhere near me ever had it to buy.
  11. (YA) The 57 Bus by Dashka Slater :  i’ve looked at buying it multiple time never did. I read the epilogue and it sounds great so i took the opportunity.

 Next week i am doing a London Bookshop tour/haul post so please follow if you’d like to see that as i am very excited.

Thanks for reading, any support would be great.

2 thoughts on “Mid April Book Haul

  1. Some super-cool books on this list! Holly Goldberg Sloan (co-writer of To Night Owl From DogFish) is an old screenwriting mentor of mine and the person who first suggested I write about my experience of getting sick as a teen. She blurbed CURSED for me! I went to a signing she had here in LA and have a copy of the book, which I can’t wait to read. Have you read het YA books – I’ll Be There and Just Call My name (the latter is a sequel). Sooooooo good! Highly recommend!

    Happy reading!

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    • Thank you! Oooh no i don’t think i’ve read her YA’s will defo check them out. Ive read to night owl now so will be reviewing shortly. Yes 100% should because a lot of people relate (including me). I cant wait to pick yours up very very soon. Xx


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