YA Book Review: All Our Broken Pieces


Thank you to LD Crichton for sending me a proof copy of this amazing book All Our Broken Pieces . I give it a full ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ after completing it in one day as i just couldn’t go to bed not knowing the ending. Best news is its OUT TODAY

IMG_6922This book is the best book i have read in 2019 so far! The representation of OCD ,traumatic events and related MH problems are so realistically portrayed in a suitable way for readers to enjoy, understand/learn and even relate too (for me). I loved this so much and in my opinion everyone needs to read it.

Although Lennon and Kyler both are struggling there sense of humour is just the same as mine and i loved it! I felt like a 3rd wheel in the friendship. Their meltdowns are written perfectly and the courage and strength both of them have is too.I felt very connected to the characters even the friends of both as everyone had key roles in their recovery and relationship.

I loved the strong focus on song lyrics as a medium for them to connect and express feelings as i love music so much and everyone has a different outlet. The song lyrics bought the extra emotion to the whole book too.

I have to admit i sat sobbing on my sofa at points in this book for both happy and sad parts.

This is my favourite book i think i have read since Skylarks last year due to the representation of mental health, the way the romance is written, the family dramas involved and just generally the whole book.

Im almost lost for words and don’t quite know how to review it so the book gets the justice it deserves other than :

  1. It’s AMAZING!

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