YA Book Review: Meat Market


As usual Juno Dawson wrote a fantastic ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read that totally lived up to my expectations. I cant wait to meet her again at YALC!


Meat Market is an emotional and raw book that deals with important topics such as Mental health, sexual-abuse and just generally the fashion industry.

Jana is a character you immediately feel attached too, She is intelligent ,witty and loveable. Where her immaturity for the business is captured so realistically in terms of her understanding of situations and her emotions. Then coming full circle showing her strength to stand up for whats right and how she has matured due to circumstances.

Her friendships with Robin,Sabah and Ferdy were great to read and often i felt the same emotions they were feeling about Jana as she slowly deteriorated. It was as if i was in the friendship circle .

I also loved the layout of the book with chapters and the interview throughout which only at the end do you realise who and what it is for. This made the book flow and get a sense of voice even more than usual.

An extra bonus for me was the fact it was set all around London and the accents came through perfectly as well as the locations being places i know due to family growing up there and me living there too. So it bought this added connection to the story.

Thanks for reading, Have you read this or any of Juno’s books? If so please  comment below and show me as much love as possible as it means a lot.


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