YA Book Review : Tulip Taylor


I was very happy to receive a gifted copy of this amazing book to review as part of the blog tour. I absolutely loved this  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read.


Loved reading by the lake in the beautiful weather

Firstly the concept is so wonderful and i was hooked at the description of Im a celebrity/pride and prejudice. I must say I 100% agree with this description.

It focuses on both Tulips family life and Harveys which i found great ,and actually both were similar , as neither were truly happy. I loved Harvey from the beginning and felt sorry for him due to his brothers personality. Both characters are loveable and it’s such a swoon-worthy romance.

Although being a light hearted and fun read, it dealt with stereotypes of people which i think is always good because as they say “you cant judge a book by its cover”. This was mainly shown in tulip going on the wilderness trip and showing everyone what she was capable of, and also the fact she was extremely clever despite being a make up Vlogger. As well as Harvey not being a cocky rich boy and instead being quite a nervous/kind person who doesn’t like the way his family treat people.

Although stereotypes were the main focus it also dealt with money troubles ,family dramas , friendships and self discovery .

I loved the short chapters with quirky literary titles as i always find myself just reading one more. I also enjoyed the odd breaks of text message where we particularly saw Harveys personality shine through.It was great to read this book whilst the weather was lovely ,often in my garden or by the lake.

Finally I absolutely cant wait to meet Anna at YALC and get this signed.

Thank you so much for reading, If you enjoyed this review id love for you to check out some others as any support is hugely appreciated. Will you be buying this book?


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