Last year was my first year going to YALC and it was amazing! you can check out my posts here: YALC DAY 1 YALC Day 2 ,This year i thought i would share what i found helpful last time and what i learnt for this year.

  1. Take a suitcase: many people do so you wont be the odd one out. As someone with chronic pain this was a lifesaver for me to transfer all my books around the venue, London and trains.
  2. Make a plan of your weekend: I made a pack including, tickets, floor layout, excel spreadsheet of panels ,signings and what times. This was so helpful as we managed to do everything we wanted, get to the correct stalls easily and enjoy our day.
  3. Phone charger or battery pack: looking at publishers tweets , taking photos and the length of the day means your phone dies quickly which is not what you want to happen.
  4. Take a water and some snacks/food.Its hot so hydration is key. There is a cafe and Tesco opposite but the cafe is limited and you may want to save all your money for books too.
  5. Don’t get too excited on the morning of the first day and spend all your money like i did last year haha.
  6. Don’t be anxious before hand as it is a great atmosphere, great community and much more spread out than i thought it would be. As someone who suffers with anxiety it was much more relaxed than i was anticipating.
  7. Finally Don’t be shy, if you recognise people say hello. (You can Say hi to me as it would mean a lot)

Thanks so much for reading, If you’ve been before and feel i missed something go comment below to help the newbies.

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