This year i went to YALC all 3 days with my friend Courtney and wow did we have a great time even though we are both dying now. Today i’ll be sharing all the books i’ve bought and share my views on YALC this year. Hope you enjoy!


Firstly, on Friday we were extremely lucky and won most of our proof copies this luck ran out over the weekend but even so it was much more successful than last year in the proof department. I’m currently reading scars like wings as it was one of my most anticipated and i am loving it so far.

I paced myself better this year and on Friday and Saturday i bought about 10 books and then on Sunday i bought about 8 ultimately buying 28 books as well as getting 2 off of the book swap shelves.


As well as the books i managed to pick up a lot of swag as always which is so fun and i cant wait to use the bookmarks and put all my pins in my pin board on my bookshelves.

It made my day when more authors than last year recognised me from twitter as i’m only a small blogger so it means a lot. I also spoke to quite a few bloggers who i love such as Lois, Martha , Steph and Faith. We also had some good conversation with people in the queues too so it was a very sociable weekend.


   We also went to our first ever panels which we absolutely loved listening too.



This year at YALC they introduced a VQ system where you got your tickets for the first 1 and 1/2 hours which i felt worked well. It was a precaution so if some were smaller you didn’t need them but for the big ones it worked well. We liked this as it meant there was more space in the signing area and we also got to do other things whilst waiting for our numbers to be called up.

In terms of the proofs i was looking for accessibility wasn’t an issue however i was very aware that the accessibility took a step back this year for proof drops and first come first serve and have heard people being pushed and injured which just isn’t acceptable and does put a damper on the weekend. So hopefully next year they go back to all stalls being fair for everybody to win.

As well as this the chairing wasn’t any better for people with back issues ect so i think they could be more clear with types of chairing they offer. Me and Courtney were saying how we think on the walls where everyone sits on the ground they could put the same little sofa chairs that are downstairs by the lifts as they wouldn’t take up more space and they are more comfy.

Overall we had an amazing weekend and we will be going back as its great to see authors, speak to people you know online and even meet new people.

If you enjoyed this post id love for you to follow ect as it means a lot as i’m trying to grow my blog. Thank you!

One thought on “YALC WEEKEND 2019

  1. Your weekend at YALC looked amazing. I was very envious as someone who could not make it. I am hoping to do so next year. Always like to know what you think of the new reads.

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