So today i’m starting off a new thread that i hope to start which is my opinion on :(certain subject) , some will be book related and others wont be , as i hope to share  more of my personality and other interests with you guys. Hopefully you like it!

Today i’m talking about is it ok to stop reading a book and what books i did not finish (DNF).

I think it is 100% ok to stop reading a book no matter how far in you are or are not. I usually read the first few chapters at least but everybody is different and i accept that. Some books i have stopped reading  halfway through as i may not be enjoying it and feel i’m wasting my time when i could read another book on my ever growing TBR pile that i will love.

I previously included these in my Goodreads total although i stopped when i started blogging as my total became something i wanted to be accurate for completed books. Although i do want to start a DNF shelf now as i think it is possible.

Some Books I have DNFed are :

Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow: I enjoyed her writing style as it was very realistic, however this was also why i did not finish it. The self harm scenes were very realistic and emotional to read and at the time i was suffering with all the things in the book so i found it too hard which i why i stopped about 100 pages in. I don’t think it was her style of writing it was more the mindset i was in at the time. And now i am recovered and only suffer with anxiety i read more explicit MH books and am fine so i have bought her newest release to try.

The Gift by Cecilia Ahern: I just didn’t jel with her writing style at all so although i liked the sound of the book when i started reading it i just wasn’t liking the flow and the characters meaning i DNFed it quite quickly.

Orangeboy by Patrice Lawrence : This is probably an unpopular decision but everybody’s taste is different and i usually struggle with motivation to read long books (400+) so this was one factor. I also didn’t enjoy her writing style and felt it was quite slow paced.

Do you DNF Books? And if so which books have you not finished? Please go comment below and show me some love/follow if you enjoyed reading this.


12 thoughts on “MY OPINION ON: DNFing Books

  1. The last book I DNF was Big Bones by Laura Dockrill. I just didn’t feel like it was going anywhere, which was a shame because from reading the blurb and other reviews/recommendations I thought it would be a book I’d enjoy. I have a DNF shelf on goodreads. I agree it is 100% ok to not finish a book, it should be a pleasure to read, not a pain or a burden to get through.

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  2. This is such a tough one for me as I feel very compelled to finish books I’ve started. In a way, I feel I “owe it” to the writer whose worked so hard (just my personal take) – plus, I always wonder if the ending might pull everything together in a way that elevates the whole book. Due to this, it is VERT rare for me to give up on a book. Now that I’m an author myself, I’d never have a DNF shelf on GoodReads. I don’t want to crush anyone’s spirit – just as I don’t want my own spirit crushed. There are plenty of people who will do that on their own. I feel like I don’t need to add to the negativity,

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  3. There was a time when I pushed myself through books I did not care at all. That only pulled me deep in to a slump. Now, I make myself read at least 100 pages before DNFing but I no more push myself to read. I think there’s no benefit in it for me nor the author if I force myself to read just to give it a ‘bad review’.

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  4. I totally believe that people should DNF books that aren’t working for them… BUT I almost never do. I have persisted with books that I really shouldn’t have, because I’m just a dirty completionist at my core. Plus, because I like to review every book I read in some way (on my blog, on goodreads, etc.), I feel like I can’t give fair commentary on something that I didn’t finish. And yet, I would NEVER hold DNFing against any other blogger or reader! I guess I just need to take my own advice? 😉

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  5. I don’t mind DNFing a book, the last book i DNF’ed was Sherlock holmes and the house of silk. Besides, just because you’ve DNF’ed it now does not mean you will never read that book again to see if you enjoy it. I’ve enjoyed books that i DNF’ed years ago. Timing is key. Great post by the way👍🏻

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