SixForSunday: Yellow Books


This Sunday I am starting the trend that Steph over on created called SixforSunday where i will share 6 of whatever the theme is. This weeks is Yellow books and i’m sharing my top 6.

  1. One and Moonrise by Sarah Crossan : she is one of my favourite authors so although i read and own the HB i also own the pb versions which are yellow.
  2. When Mr Dog bites by Brian Conaghan: This is the only book i have read that features a character with tourettes and altho it is the stereotypical swearing (Coprolalia) it was great to read as someone with tourettes (not Coprolalia) as i shared similar experiences and emotions but it was also humorous which i loved.
  3. Floored by multiple authors : I don’t usually enjoy books written from more than two perspective however i read this so quickly and thoroughly enjoyed it as it was fast paced.
  4. Bookshop Girl by Chloe Coles: Chloe is one of the nicest authors who i have shared many messages with and absolutely loved this book as it was about books but also set in Milton Keynes which is where i go for shopping.
  5. Paper and hearts society by Lucy Powrie : This book is just the best bookish book written by one of us which is just amazing.
  6. Goodbye Perfect by Sara Barnard: I’ve read all her books but personally this is my favourite so i’m so happy i now have it signed and it is green cover with yellow so i snuck it in.

Thanks for reading! Have you read any of these?

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