Just over a month ago I went to New York and obviously dedicated a whole day to book shopping. We visited 2 Barnes & Noble stores and The strand bookstore and they were all AMAZING! I mainly loved looking at all the American covers for books, and browsing books that don’t appear on shelves over in England.In both bookshops I got a lot of cool stationary, swag and of course books as shown below. We also did the literary walk in central park and visited the New York Public library which will be included in this blog post.

Barnes and Noble was so great, this was where we went first as it is the main American bookstore I had heard of similar to Waterstones in England UK. We actually visited the second B&N store another day just for fun but I will include all images below.


The Strand bookstore was great and lived up with its 18 miles of books. The shelves were so cool because I had to climb a ladder to reach the top books and was nothing like a bookshop where I live.


The new york public library was very interesting to see and i loved the architecture of the old building but it was also very very quiet. Here are my photos from exploring.


Lastly is central park where I loved reading and taking in the beautiful sights as well as posing with the statues and fountains however, Alice in Wonderland statue was definitely my favourite. The bike ride was sooo good especially for someone who cant walk far because of pain it meant i still got to see the whole park and learn some cool facts too.


Have any of you been to NEW YORK? or is it on your wish list? Let me know in the comments. Thanks for reading !


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