I don’t tend to ask my mum for anything for Christmas as she knows me very well. However I do normally ask my dad and give a brief list for any other family/friends that may ask for ideas.This year the things I asked mum and dad for were :

  • Nintendo switch lite & a case
  • Switch Games
  • DVDS
  • Book pins from @MidnightTopaz
  • Paint gem picture (of me and lucy loo.)

On this note the ideas for others was :

  • amazon voucher for books.
  • Argos voucher or money for switch things.

I am very excited for Christmas this year as mums not working, I am home an extra day this year before going to my dads and I’m spending it with my cousin which we haven’t done in ages. This is what Christmas is really about relaxing and spending it with family or whoever is closest to you.

Have you got a list this year? Do you have any of these items? Comment below.

Thanks for reading

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