Today I’m going to share my top 15 Blogmas post ideas. I don’t think they all have to be related to Christmas I feel its more posting everyday that counts. Im going to include bookish and non-book ideas! Starting with the book blogger ones .


    1. Book Reviews
    2. Top 10 of the year
    3. Anticipated next year reads
    4. Christmas Book recommendations
    5. Christmas Bookshelf tour
    6. Gift Ideas for………………..
    7. Your Christmas Wishlist
    8. Top 10 Christmas Films
    9. Top 10 Christmas songs
    10. Your Family Traditions
    11. Christmas Jumpers over the years
    12. Favourite Christmassy Food
    13. Christmas Pet photoshoot
    14. Christmas Activities/Days out you’ve done
    15. Favourite people doing blog/vlogmas

Thanks for Reading, Are you doing blog/vlogmas this year? comment below

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