My Christmas started yesterday as I am at my Dads and he gave me my presents. Today we came to my Grandads and I’ve hung some Xmassy things at my Nans grave.


Monday I am swapping presents with my best friend of 7 years Courtney and my best friend from school.

Tuesday is Christmas Eve which me and mum actually enjoy more than the day its self. We have a tradition of watching the Holiday and having snacky food as well as Pie and Mash in the evening (Londoners!) This year we are also doing a good deed and visiting one of mums elderly clients as its her birthday.

Christmas day we do the morning at our house and the afternoon at Nan & Grandads house where were going out for a meal. Boxing day were going back to Nan and Grandads as my Uncle, Aunt and Cousin are coming up which we haven’t done in many years so I am looking forward too it.

The next day I go to my dads again and I’ll open other family members presents and we all go out for a big meal.

Thanks for reading, What are your holiday plans?



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