Today I am reviewing my favourite book of 2020 so far AND THE STARS WERE BURNING BRIGHTLY. I had high hopes for this from the sampler at YALC last year and wow did it live up to my expectations. A definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ read by Danielle Jawando

stars burning brightly

This book tackles Grief, suicide and bullying head on. All topics which are very close to my heart so it felt very realistic to read.

The fact Social Media played such a huge role in terms of the bullying of Al was very appropriate for teenagers of today. The language and platforms used were all common things teenagers say and use , and this book highlights that these images, videos and remarks aren’t just a ‘joke’ but they do have serious consequences. However to then see Social Media used in a positive light to remember Al with the #burnbright was amazing and very true to life!

The characterisation of Nathan and Megan was perfect as well as the glimpses of Al’s shining through too at the beginning of each chapter. All of the characters had me feeling all types of emotions : sadness, anger and happiness!

Danielle managed to show how everybody deals with a loss differently , some want to act normal, others get angry and others are outwardly upset. Highlighting this and showing every way is ok but a key part is to talk to someone was a great thing.

I particularly liked the fact art was used as the medium of communication and aid to help Nate find out why Al killed himself. Sometimes you don’t have the words to explain but to draw or paint is easier. Again it was also how Al was eventually remembered in a positive way which was brilliant. 

I feel this book was great at showing the good and bad of everything and every character!

Lastly, Including Support information at the back was a very important and necessary action which I was very pleased to see. As often people who are struggling will read books they see themselves in but the message in this Amazing book it to talk and when turning over that page to see the contact and web information for many charities could may be the first step to help someone who’s suffering!

It was a rollercoaster of a book but one everyone needs to ride !

Thanks for reading! Have you read this beauty?




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