Recently I read Lilys just fine followed by Gemmas Not sure which is Gill Stewarts newest book in the series which comes out in the UK May 14th. Both were fab ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ reads.

gallowy girl

This series is great for all teens especially the younger ages as they are very easy to read whilst dealing with some more serious topics such as anxiety ,controlling parents and invisible illnesses.

The romances in each are very cute and positive as is the coming of age of all the teen characters.

Although the first is written from Lily and Tom, and the second by Gemma and Jamie all characters have key roles in both books such as Sarah who I particularly connected with. I liked the fact we see each characters development throughout both books.

I definitely enjoyed these as a light and fun series to read and they are perfect for summer time.

Thanks for reading! Have you read Lilys Just fine?

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