Today I am reviewing L C Rosens newest book CAMP which I give ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️.5


I read Jack of Hearts last year and although I enjoyed it I much preferred CAMP! I loved the characters of not only Randy and Hudson but also all of cabin 7, the camp leaders and Brad. I love a good Camp setting too I think this may be because they aren’t a big thing in the UK.

I enjoyed the stories from past camps and the current one, all of the musical content, group activities and most importantly the message of this LGBTQ camp that its a safe place to be who you are which was evident throughout.

I loved Hudsons character development in particular and the fact it showed a more negative coming out story compared to the positive ones of Randy and other campers.Then how he grew in confidence and changed some of his thinking.

Overall it was a fabulous LGBT, coming of age and romantic read that I wizzed through. I recommend everyone order it when its released on 28th May in the Uk!

Thanks for reading!


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