I was lucky enough to be sent a beautiful proof copy of Hideous Beauty written by William Hussey . So a huge thank you to Usborne as it is a definite ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  read which is released today!

hideous beauty

I started reading it whilst sunbathing and thought oh its a lovely LGBTQ story. Obviously I was expecting something to happen due to the blurb , but WOW only 70 pages in and I couldn’t believe the u turn the story had taken.

From being a happy and gay romance to a sad and suspenseful read it was definitely a journey that I went on with Dylan.

I enjoyed how the chapters were from Then and Now point of views so we got the back story of El and Dylans romance as well as all events that took place in the 6 months before the crash but also what Dylan is discovering now too. It wasn’t confusing to follow at all.

I loved Mikes family in particular as they loved Dylan like they’re own and were funny , supportive and critical in all the right places throughout.

It tackled topics of grief, sexual and physical abuse as well as cancer in a great way.

In terms of the 3 main questions Dylan needed answers to I only guessed 1, so I was very happy and shocked when certain things came to light.

I definitely recommend everyone read this overall thrilling and enticing book in characters and plot.

Thanks for reading!



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