Today I am reviewing this amazing ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  release by Kate McLaughlin as part of the blog tour.

what unbreakable looks like

I devoured this book in about 9 hours, I loved it right from the beginning.

I must say it has high trigger warnings for Sexual abuse/trafficking , physical abuse, self harm, suicide and mental health. All of which I feel are dealt with realistically but in a caring and well written manner.

I loved Lex the main character as she is very relatable and someone who you’d want as a friend even-though she has been through a lot. I liked reading about her struggles but also seeing her caring side, her funny side and her outspoken personality.

Her character progression was amazing to see and I felt proud of her as a reader. I liked the way the first part was written as poppy and then the second as Lex as it shows how she is trying to move on from the trafficking and reintegrate into society.

There were many sad moments when her friends died, hearing other girls stories as well as her own and the moment in the school bathroom. There were also moments that made me angry at her abusers and some of her friends. Then parts which made me smile with pure happiness for Lex.

Lex, Elsa and Zacks friendship was so pure I loved it. I loved how Elsa spoke the truth and how Zack was protective and understanding. They were like the three musketeers!

This book manages to deal with so many issues some above but also had LGBTQ representation which I think is important as it depicts the real school setting. One of the best moments in their friendship was when Lex didn’t realise Elsa was a Lesbian and Elsa didn’t feel she had to ‘come out’ it just made it feel like this is normal and ok and she’s no different to any other person.

I think the ending was perfect as Mitch got what he deserved, and their was some lovely moments between lex and a lot of characters.

This is a book everyone should read!

Thanks for reading 😁



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