Today I am going to be taking you on a tour of my new office. I am due to start Open University in about 2 weeks now so me and mum have re-done the office layout/furniture and colours. I must say I love it!

Firstly, I decided to move the desk so it is by the window so I can look out at my beautiful surroundings instead of a wall.I then moved my shelving unit from downstairs to upstairs for all my folders and uni books.Lucy also has a spot under the desk as she is going to be my study buddy.

Now onto the prettier parts of my office tour.

My favourite part is my drinks station. This was a must for me as I am a teapot! My office is on the third floor of my house and not only would it be a pain to go up and down all day , I also have mobility issues and it would be too painful. Here we have some chest of drawers from Ikea and on top is a hot water dispenser , mugs, and a mini fridge. On the shelf above I have my hot drink options, sugar and some snack bars. I cant wait to make my first drink in there.

Now to my glasses display. You may think you’ve been transferred to Specsavers I promise you haven’t! I just love love love glasses and I have many pairs to match to all my outfits. I had the great idea to display them like this so they take up less room and are easy to access when studying.

Then I have my plants on my window sill. I went with a mixture of pots and plants so it creates a little jungle theme. Here I also have a glasses stand which is the lady version with lips (they do mens ones too with a moustache) from Next. All my family bought these as they are so quirky!

Lastly, I have my Pin Board which is humongous.I am excited to have this back up as its been down for about 2 years now as it made room for the wall of Bookshelves. This is a work in progress as I will have more pictures on it and inevitably more school work.

P.s. My new Imac computer is on its way too which will be perfect to study on.

I hope you like my study space.

Thanks for reading, I’d love to see your study spaces in the comments!


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